Celebrating centenary with new supermarket stockists

Bingham's Foods' Peter and Stella Moon at their Western Road premises.
Bingham's Foods' Peter and Stella Moon at their Western Road premises.

A company about to mark its centenary has added more big name supermarkts to its growing list of clients.

Binghams Foods, famous for its Made in Sheffield potted beef, has added Tesco, Asda and the Co-op to a list of leading supermarket clients that already includes Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

At the same time, Binghams’ products have been gaining popularity with independent delicatessens, the company has been expanding its geographical area, boosting its appeal with updated packaging, developing new products and looking at new ways of capitalising on its brand.

To an outsider, the challenges of surviving, never mind growing, for a 20-employee, family-owned food business, with a factory, surrounded by terraced houses in the heart of Crookes , might seem insurmountable.

But, Peter Moon and his wife Stella, turned Bingham’s back into a family firm in 2007, after almost 40 years in the control of one food giant or another, have taken it in their stride.

The acquisition – from an investment group – has the hallmarks of an “I liked the company so much, I bought it,” type of deal, given that Mr Moon had been Bingham’s general manager when it was owned by Northern Foods.

Although the Moons may not be from the original Binghams family, it is clear they share founder Charles Bingham’s values and a passion for the company.

Rising demand for British beef may be pushing costs up, but Mr Moon is determined to ensure the company continues to use prime British beef and stick to Bingham’s original recipe.

“We use British beef and no offal. High quality, lean raw beef. The company has never compromised on quality,” says Mr Moon.

They have no plans to alter the original recipe for Bingham’s Potted Beef, but have introduced new products, just as Charles Bingham did.