Children missing out on warm homes in Sheffield

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NEWS: News.

More than 8,500 Sheffield children living in poverty are missing out on vital support to help keep their homes warm, according to new research.

Figures from The Children’s Society show there are 8,666 children in Sheffield missing out on Warm Home Discount, a £135 tax rebate aimed at helping the poorest families keep the heating on.

The research claims there are 4,562 children in Hillsborough constituency missing the money – but Hallam has too few to statistically record.

A report by The Children’s Society said: “Despite the clear need, families with children living in poverty do not automatically get this help. Many don’t know even know about it.

“For others, even if they are in poverty, they may not qualify because they work or their energy supplier’s scheme is no longer available for that year.

“As a result, these children are being left to grow up in cold homes.”

Hillsborough MP David Blunkett said: “The Children’s Society are, of course, right. There are many children in families facing the worst effects of the austerity programme finding it extraordinarily difficult to meet basic family bills.”

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield said: “It’s a real concern that so many families are missing out on help to keep their homes warm.

“With rising fuel bills, too many people are having to choose between heating and eating. I hope ministers take notice of this new research and put measures in place before next winter to help the poorest families.”