Chinese cookery school project is coming to the boil

Canton Orchard Restaurant
Canton Orchard Restaurant

A project to set up a Chinese cookery and culture school at one of Sheffield’s longest established restaurants has been given the all-clear.

Details of a proposed development next to the Canton Orchard restaurant in Fulwood Road, Ranmoor, have been approved by Sheffield City Council.

It is intended that the school will be open by next autumn, catering not only for people wanting to learn about proper Chinese cuisine, but also about the Chinese way of life.

Lessons will extend to choosing an appropriate wine to go with the food, underlining that it doesn’t have to be lager!

And courses will also extend to pilates, to help students relax.

The two- and three-storey development will include four flats which can be used by students.

Some of them are expected to make the courses part of a visit to Sheffield and the Peak District.

Council approval had been granted in principle, and now the authority has assessed the details of the appearance, layout, scale, landscaping and access and is satisfied that the building will fit in with the Ranmoor Conservation Area and that there will be no noise disturbance for neighbours.

Canton Orchard opened in a Victorian mansion at the top of Riverdale Road more than 25 years ago.

A spokesman for the restaurant said it had taken three years for the proposals to be approved.

“Now we can go on to the next phase and get the builders in and get it done before the end of the summer next year.”

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