Chinese switching on to city energy technology

Energy saving technology business EMSc (UK) is seeing new opportunities open up in China after government experts identified its pioneering Powerstar voltage optimisation equipment as a ‘Champion Technology’.

The accolade for Sheffield-based EMSc is the result of a Chinese bid to find ways of cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions – currently running at more than 9.8 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Two years ago, the Chinese government brought together a panel of 30 energy industry experts.

It set them the task of scouring the world to find the cutting edge technologies that could best help them achieve their aim.

Among the Champion Technologies chosen by the Chinese experts was EMSC’s Powerstar’s MAX and HV MAX systems for cutting energy consumption and providing guaranteed stable voltages from low and high voltage power supplies.

EMSc’s managing director, Dr Alex Mardapittas, said: “It is a great honour to have Powerstar chosen as a ‘Champion Technology,’ particularly after such extensive search was carried out by such a renowned group of industry professionals.

The trials are being carried out by two companies which come under the umbrella of the Chinese “Ministry of Steel,” which covers industries including the heat treatment, metal forming and automotive industries.

“If the results are positive – as we think they will be – they will roll this technology out throughout the steel industry, and there are 60,000 companies under the Ministry of Steel’s umbrella,” says Dr Mardapittas.

“The good thing with China is that a lot of companies will do what the Government says.”

Dr Mardapittas is relaxed about the prospect of the Chinese copying his technology.

“So what?” he says “You cannot have missed opportunities and we have patent protection.”

EMSc’s technology can cut electricity consumption by more than a quarter, extends equipment life and smooths out any fluctuations, which can cause equipment to shut down.