City centre could get a brewing ‘punk’

Thousands of beer-lovers attend Beer X festival in Sheffield
Thousands of beer-lovers attend Beer X festival in Sheffield

A Scottish brewery which describes itself as being at “the epicentre of a new wave in craft brewing in the UK” is aiming to open a bar in Sheffield’s Devonshire Quarter.

Rapidly-expanding BrewDog is looking to move into premises vacated by a Starbucks coffee shop in Devonshire Street.

It has applied to the council for a premises licence. The company was founded by Martin Dickies, one of the first brewers at Thornbridge Brewery, near Bakewell, and James Watt.

An ‘eco-brewery’ was built in 2012 in Aberdeenshire after more than 6,500 people bought shares online in a scheme dubbed ‘Equity for Punks’.

BrewDog produces craft keg beer and bottled and canned beers, which are distributed to British supermarkets and are exported to countries including Japan, Scandinavia, America, Canada and Australia.

It currently has 11 bars in the UK and one in Stockholm, often launching them with high profile stunts ranging from projecting the founders naked onto the Houses of Parliament and driving a tank through Camden, to holding a funeral procession to mark the death of bad beer and tattooing supporters with the BrewDog logo.

The company is declining to comment ahead of its application being considered by the council.

The request is for alcohol to be served up to xam and for the premises to close at yam.

Councillors will want to ensure that there is no disruption for people living in nearby flats.

BrewDog is aiming to join a number of bars and pubs in the Devonshire Quarter of Sheffield city centre, with the Forum and Old House opposite the former Starbucks, the Frog and Parrot just along Devonshire Street in one direction and the Bowery in the other, the Hop in West One and the Devonshire Cat at the other side of Devonshire Green.