Clergyman’s challenge to city campaigners

News: The Star - bringing you news on-line 24-hours a day.
News: The Star - bringing you news on-line 24-hours a day.

the Dean of Sheffield Cathedral has challenged protest camp Occupy Sheffield to do something ‘constructive’ after campaigners said they could still be here next Christmas.

Protesters in the anti-capitalist movement set up on the cathedral forecourt say they will move ‘only when we get change’, defying a cathedral clergy request to move on.

Rev Bradley said: “The protest has made its point. But now it’s time to work for the people of Sheffield.

“What exactly are they inviting the people of Sheffield to do, other than protest? The only thing that unites the people of the occupation seems to be the protest itself. It would be interesting to see if they could put together a constructive plan for the future.”

The Occupy camp set up in November as one of hundreds in cities worldwide. Protesters aim to provoke discussion about poverty and capitalism.

The campaigners said they were being constructive by spreading their message, holding art workshops and as the camp had been chosen to host the third national conference for Occupy movements on January 21.

Around 40 delegates will visit for the meeting.

Camp spokesman Scott said: “We will discuss the future of the movement nationally and internationally. We’ve got a lot of other constructive things planned and want to work with the Dean if he comes to talk to us. We support the cathedral, especially its work with the Archer project.

“If the world changes next year we won’t be here by Christmas. We’ll move only when we get change.”