Conferences ‘are paying off’

SHEFFIELD is stepping up its game as a conference destination.

Business and tourism managers said this week that, after the high-profile Liberal Democrat conference, the city was enjoying a “bumper” summer with more events to come, spanning sectors such as healthcare, technology, hospitality, literature and politics.

Five hundred delegates will be at the Green Party conference at Hallam University from September 9 to 13.

Gemma Bradshaw, of the Sheffield Convention Bureau, said conference delegates helped “to fill our hotel rooms, keep our bars, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities busy, boost the city’s profile by giving international opinion leaders a taster of modern Sheffield, and, above all, has a significant impact on our economy”.

Dominic Stokes, general manager with SIV Events, said: “The quality and quantity of the events that are now coming through to our venues is down to sheer persistence over the past few years by all the major players to ensure we are at the forefront of any organisers mind.

“Other cities and destinations are quite rightly looking over their shoulder at what we have started to, and will continue to, achieve even in these challenging times.”