Cracking the code to show

A GARDEN design firm has gone digital to ensure its award winning show garden keeps bringing in new business.

Sheffield-based Inspired Garden Design turned to Barnsley-based digital marketing specialist GoZapi for help after being named winner of Channel 4’s Grand Designs Garden Designer of the Year competition.

Inspired’s challenge for Barnsley Digital Media Centre-based GoZapi was to keep the garden ‘alive’ as a marketing tool long after the show, which brought it the award, was over.

GoZapi specialises in using QR codes – two dimensional bar codes which can be scanned by a smartphone and then link the ‘phone’s owner straight to internet resources like videos, websites or even mobile apps.

The Barnsley company set up QR codes around the garden which, when scanned, allowed the ‘phone’s owner to view videos explaining the design process and interviews with designer Lee Bestall.

Phone owners were also invited to sign up for Inspired Garden Design’s newsletter, providing the Sheffield company with lots of new leads.

GoZapi’s owner, Ben Hawley said: “When Lee came to us about making the most of the garden’s marketing potential, we knew that QR codes offered a real solution.

“They created great engagement on the day and Lee can continue to use the QR codes and video to promote his success and skills.

“The project also gave us some valuable insights into how people engage with technology around a show garden, which can be used when Lee next exhibits.”