Dormer reveals expansion plan

Dormer Tools International (DTI) has announced an expansion in its global operations with a strong emphasis on securing large export orders.

DTI - Dormer’s commercial export-arm based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire - will place more emphasis on delivering bigger volumes of its general purpose, solid carbide and high speed steel cutting tools to distributors, particularly across the Far East.

DTI sells more items than any other Dormer Tools location around the world, apart from the United States, and makes up a fifth in quantity of the group’s overall global sales. John Eustace, regional business area manager for DTI, said: “We have grown rapidly in recent years and our turnover has doubled compared with five years ago. To support our continued growth we will work with our extensive assortment of distributors to purchase Dormer products in large volume.

“In past years we have concentrated on supplying the high-end range of cutting tools. Our objective now is on providing multi-application tooling. This suits the market in the Far East and we are hopeful it will significantly increase turnover.”

DTI has more than 250 distributors active in more than 40 markets around the world. Dormer sees the relationship with these contacts as vital to driving sales in key locations.’’

DTI is keen to target locations around the world with a new distributor gained in Turkey, while relationships are being made in Sub-Saharan African nations.