Ella’s suited and booted for tailoring career

Tailor Ella Woodhouse at work in her loft conversion studio in Greystones.
Tailor Ella Woodhouse at work in her loft conversion studio in Greystones.

Every man needs a good suit, says talented Ella Woodhouse - who’s off to Savile Row to become part of the next generation of skilled tailors.

Ella creates bespoke clothing in a studio at home in Greystones, and is heading to London soon for an apprenticeship course which involves spending time on the street internationally renowned for the quality of its suits.

The 22-year-old has just completed a fashion course, where the theme of her final collection was based on Sheffield’s industrial heritage.

But she says her future lies in the craft of tailoring.

“Recently there has been an increase in younger women interested in tailoring, and bespoke tailoring,” said Ella, former Sheffield High School and Silverdale pupil.

“It’s seen as primarily a male-dominated business, but in a few years there will be more equality.”

Ella said her first creation was a purse which she made aged 10 on her grandmother’s sewing machine.

“I used some old, fluffy wool and a zip I took from an old purse,” she added. “I always knew I wanted to do something with fashion.”

In 2012 she attended a tailoring course at the London College of Fashion, and has already completed work experience on Savile Row with Anderson and Sheppard.

She has just graduated from Manchester School of Art, where an exchange programme to India saw her helping a local tailor.

“After my first couple of months of university, I realised it wasn’t the designing and fashion side I liked as much, but rather the construction and actually making garments,” she said.

“It’s always been menswear that I have been interested in.”

Ella’s final collection was inspired by an exhibition about Sheffield’s history at Weston Park Museum.

“I wanted something that would keep me interested for a whole year. Being Sheffield born and bred I thought it was a very interesting theme.”

Her apprenticeship continues with an 18-week course at Newham College, which includes the chance to work on Savile Row again.

“There are obviously different fashions and trends people go through, so the suit will always be seen as ‘fashionable’ one season and then the next season not as much, however I think there will always be a need for a suit,” said Ella.

“Today it is more acceptable to wear a suit, or suit jacket, for something more casual. The high street is developing its suits to become better and more luxurious.

“Every man has a suit, every man needs a suit, and every man wears a suit!”