Family business gets the green light

Hannah and chief taster Edith - Nethergreens
Hannah and chief taster Edith - Nethergreens

When Jon Read and Hannah O’Mara moved to Nether Green two years ago, they felt there was something missing from the local community. Now they are hoping to fill that gap – and improve their family life into the bargain.

The couple have opened their own greengrocers shop in Oakbrook Road and are now running it between them, with a little help from their two children: “Our chief tasters!”

“We live a street away from the shop and we believe this is an opportunity to open a much-needed greengrocers… and a step towards a real work-family balance,” says Hannah, who grew up in Sheffield, then worked her way around the country in the hotel and catering industry.

Jon, a chef, is the son of a nurseryman and has plenty of experience of growing fruit and vegetables as well as cooking them.

Nethergreens opened a couple of weeks ago and is already proving a hit.

It stocks organic fruit and veg and a range of local produce including Sheffield Honey, potatoes, chocolates and pumpkin oil.

Hannah adds: “We have so many ideas… We’re really excited about the business and hope other people in our area are too.”