First-time buyers priced out of South Yorkshire market says charity

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First-time buyers in South Yorkshire are struggling to get their feet on the property ladder as prices are unaffordable, research shows.

Housing and homeless charity Shelter said less than 50 per cent of homes for sale throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster are affordable for first-time buyers.

After comparing 2,500 two or more bedroom homes available in Sheffield with mortgages an average wage earner could afford, Shelter said only 37.4 per cent were affordable. In Doncaster it was 38.4 per cent, compared with 41.8 per cent in Rotherham and 48.7 per cent in Barnsley.

Campbell Robb, Shelter chief executive, said: “The only way to bring prices back within reach is to fill the gap between the home we have and the homes we need.”