Forgemasters sign £2.5 deal

Sheffield Forgemasters has signed a £2.5m order to supply castings for one of the world’s largest counter-blow hammer presses.

The contract with American forging company ATI Ladish Forging is the fourth order placed with Forgemasters and brings the sales total with the client to almost £5m.

Weighing in at 165 and 155 tonnes respectively, the upper and lower rams for ATI Ladish Forgings’ number 85 press will be delivered to Milwaukee’s Cudahy Forging plant, which services the aerospace industry with titanium forgings.

Senior sales manager Michael Holloway said: “Forgemasters has the only facilities in the UK with the physical capacity to machine finish the components, following a £10m investment in our new North Machine Shop

“In addition, Forgemasters’ foundry is also the only one in Europe which can produce castings of this size and weight.”