GMF Festival set to be the biggest yet

A record 800 people are set to attend the Global Manufacturing Festival after the organisers made it less of a ‘talking shop’ and more a place to do business, writes David Walsh.

Interest from across the country poured in after four of the biggest engineering companies in the world promised to send purchasing managers to the conference and trade show at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre on Thursday April 18. Staff from Boeing, Siemens, TATA and Rolls-Royce will sit in special ‘listening booths’ where potential suppliers can obtain vital information about how they do business.

Richard Wright, of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, said: “I’m delighted, delegates are coming from across the UK. Our aim is to give them real business value and not waste their time at a talking shop event.”

The conference will feature speakers from industry on nuclear, medical, aerospace and renewables. Now in its third year, the three-day festival starts on April 17.