Green energy firm’s US breakthrough

Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has won a breakthrough order for its technology in California.

The Sheffield-based company has secured a contract to supply one of its rapid response electrolysers for a refuelling station being built in Chino, southern California by hydrogen infrastructure development company Hydrogen Frontier.

ITM’s technology will use electricity generated from guaranteed renewable sources like wind or solar power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The US$3 million refuelling station is being built at car maker Hyundai’s American technical centre, close to America’s southernmost transcontinental highway, the I-10, which links Los Angeles to Jacksonville, 2,460 miles away in Florida.

The refuelling station will be used by members of the public with fuel cell electric vehicles – or FCEVs – which generate electricity from the hydrogen to run electric motors that turn the wheels.

It will also provide hydrogen for a fleet of Hyundai’s fuel cell-powered of Tucson Compact Sports Utility Vehicles – known as the ix35 in Europe – and its technical centre’s fork-lift trucks.

ITM’s US breakthrough follows the launch of an initiative involving the US Department of Energy to commercially roll-out the use of fuel cell vehicles across the States and has prompted the company to establish a permanent staff in the US for its ITM Power Inc subsidiary.

ITM Power chief executive, Dr Graham Cooley, said: “Having made this initial sale for what we believe will be part of a larger series of refuelling stations in California alone, we now have the opportunity to further develop our presence and sales in energy storage and clean fuel products to California and the wider United States as a plant manufacturer and supplier.”