Helping hand at home and abroad

THE team at Sheffield company VAT Solutions believe that a successful future lies in education - both at home and abroad.

Partners Rob Burton and Robin Simpson are members of the 480 Club, the Sheffield organisation that provides financial support to the city’s Whirlow Hall Farm.

For £480 per year, the company sponsors a class from a Sheffield school, allowing inner city youngsters the important opportunity to experience country life.

And the Nether Edge company is also sponsoring a South African youngster through her school days.

Hlumela Malongineni is a 14-year-old pupil at Rhodes High School in the Cape Town suburb of Mowbray in South Africa.

An orphan from the age of four, she has struggled to receive a full education and the funding that Vat Solutions is providing will enable her to complete her studies and fulfill her dreams of a successful business career.

Mr Burton said: “Both at home and abroad, education is a vital for every community’s future. The two projects we are supporting might not appear to have much in common but they are both about giving the children involved the best possible start.

“The money we provide is enough to pay Hlumela’s fees, buys equipment and clothing and even provide her with bus fares, all the things she really needs but which would probably be beyond her means if she had nobody to help her.

“Just as with the backing we give to Whirlow Hall Farm, it’s practical support that will hopefully make a difference to a young person’s future – and that has to be a sound investment!”