Hydrogen fuel experts agree collaboration with German giant

Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has signed a deal with AEG Power Solutions to integrate the two companies’ technologies.

Sheffield-based ITM has developed electrolyser technology which, in its simplest terms, produces hydrogen by passing a current through water.

Meanwhile, AEG PS has extensive experience of using power electronics in renewable energy plants to change the voltage, current or frequency of electric power.

Power electronics is essential for the development of smart grids and demand-side management of loads, allowing the use of intermittent and fluctuating renewable energy sources.

ITM says the collaboration is a significant step towards achieving energy efficiency for the renewables sector.

AEG Power Solutions’ chief scientific officer Gladwyn De Vidts said: “We are proud to cooperate with ITM Power who offers leading technology in PEM electrolysis.

“We are confident that the partnership will be favourable for both companies, opening new business opportunities in the future.”

ITM Power has received confirmation that it is to receive more than £700,000 as part of a £2.9 million European Union programme to develop an advanced refuelling system for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Chief executive Dr Graham Cooley said: “We are very pleased to be once again at the heart and forefront of hydrogen refuelling technology in Europe.”

News of the recent successes has been followed by an announcement that the innovative Atlas Way company is expanding its Intellectual Property portfolio.

ITM is applying for seven new patents. The company currently has 94 separately granted patents and 64 pending patent applications across 31 patent families.