It’s going to be a sizzler

Chris Beech, whose business is in South Road, Walkley, is pictured with his company's sausages and burgers.
Chris Beech, whose business is in South Road, Walkley, is pictured with his company's sausages and burgers.

Businesses are bracing themselves for a bumper weekend of sizzling weather as soaring temperatures drive people out into the sun.

Temperatures are expected to stay well above 23C from today right through until Tuesday - with highs of up to 27C predicted for tomorrow.

Traders are stocking up on supplies as the public prepare to go barbecue crazy.

Chris Beech, owner of Chris Beech Quality Meats in Walkley, said he is producing 10 times as many burgers and sausages as usual to cope with demand.

“I started making them on Thursday night to prepare for the rush and I’ve got three apprentices making them too,” he said.

“As we’re making them people are buying them.

“I would say we’re probably making 10 times as much as we would if it was an overcast weekend.

“As soon as people see the forecast they think ‘barbecue’, even if people actually just cook the food indoors and only eat it in the garden.

“Lots of people are supporting the idea of shopping locally too, especially after the horse meat scandal.”

Reece Lippolis, owner of Urban Pantry in Crookes, said demand for his specially-packed picnic hampers filled with gourmet goodies was also up.

“It’s definitely the case that as soon as we get some sun people start planning their trips out, particularly at the weekend,” he said.

“We’ve had it before when we’ve had hot and sunny weekends and we can sometimes sell twice as many picnic hampers.

“I’m always well stocked up, and most of our suppliers are local if I did get a surge on a specific item.

“Olives, cured meats and cheese have been particularly popular so far.”

Rosita Hunt, owner of Granelli’s, said the whole industry was glad of the hot weather - and had made sure to be fully stocked up.

“We’ve been pleased with the weather so far this summer and we’re really pleased it’s going to continue this weekend,” she grinned.

“We’re expecting to be really busy so all we can do is make sure we’re stocked up to the maximum and that we can keep selling ice cream to people!

“It’s a relief to have some nice weather after what was an awful year last year - long may it continue.”