Jigsaw meeting inspires women

IT’S never too late to learn, as the businesswomen of today discovered when they met the businesswomen of tomorrow.

Representatives of Jigsaw Sheffield gave Sheffield Chamber’s Inspiring Women forum an insight into the importance of social media as a tool for 21st century business success at the forum’s most recent meeting.

Jigsaw is part of Sheffield Hallam University’s Venture Matrix, a unique work-based learning scheme that aims to improve the enterprise skills and develop the employability of students by enhancing their entrepreneurial capabilities during their academic study.

Within the Venture Matrix students are given the chance to tackle real-life challenges within a secure and safe environment whilst gaining new skills for their future employment.

They are also able to set up their own simulated ventures or social enterprise and trade with each other, mirroring the real world, but in a risk-free environment.

Jigsaw was launched within Venture Matrix four years ago, specialising in social media and websites.

Four members of the current Jigsaw team spoke to the Inspiring Women forum about the importance of understanding and utilising social media in a meeting held at the Sheffield headquarters of city law firm Kennedys.

“It was a fascinating insight into the increasingly crucial world of social media and the impact it can have on business life,” said Inspiring Women chairman Louise Oliver.

“I think we are all aware of the importance of things like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin but these young speakers really brought the subject to life and demonstrated clearly that the business that wants to be making its mark in the current market has to be aware of the power of the internet and how to use it.”