Julia Bradbury hosts Sheffield Business awards

Sheffield Business Awards host Julia Bradbury
Sheffield Business Awards host Julia Bradbury

Who better than one of the country’s best television presenters to reveal Sheffield’s best companies?

Countryfile star Julia Bradbury is returning to the city to host the Sheffield Business Awards and present gongs in 15 categories at a glittering black tie ceremony at Ponds Forge International Sports centre on Thursday December 5.

The broadcaster, who went to King Edward VII school as a teenager while her father Michael worked for British Steel, has just received an honorary degree from Sheffield Hallam University.

She said: “This is the second time I will have been to Sheffield, my old home town, in the last month. The first time, I am very proud to say, was to receive an honorary doctorate, and now, again I’m very proud to say, to honour the businesses of this wonderful city.”

After running separate events for several years, The Star and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to create a super contest which has attracted dozens of entries.

The categories were designed to cover the broad spectrum of business activities in the city.

Julia added: “I’m not in business. But I know this though, if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original. People have to work at capabilities – they don’t naturally evolve. Being alive is a process of improvisation – the decisions you take, opportunities you take up or move away from - that is what shapes your life.

“Business people are taking decisions, improvising and being original all the time and for that they have my utmost respect. Business doesn’t always get the publicity it deserves, especially for its role in providing and creating jobs which we all depend on. So I think awards evenings play a vital role not only in identifying the leaders but in flying the flag for an unsung sector.”

The Sheffield Business Awards feed into the City Region Business Awards. Winners in Sheffield are automatically booked a place in the prestigious regional event next summer.

Elevation Recruitment is the headline sponsor.

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