Make the most of solar power

A KILLAMARSH-based company is urging homeowners to take advantage of the Government’s Clean Energy Cashback Scheme.

With new solar PV panels on the roof of your house you can now generate your own electricity and earn an income from the scheme.

Steve Crump, managing director of EcoTherm Solutions, said: “You get paid 43.3p a KW whether you use the electricity or not, it’s a better investment than putting money in the bank.”

“The life expectancy of the system is up to 50 years, there are no moving parts, no maintenance and the new panels include self-cleaning glass.

“The feed in tariff of 43.3 pence per kw is guaranteed for 25 years and index linked so it is inflation proof, and most systems are paid for within 8-10 years. After that all the money you earn is yours. But in the meantime don’t forget all the free electricity, in 10 years bills could have trebled so it makes even more sense.”

For the system to work effectively, homeowners need up to 5m square of south east to south west facing roof for the solar panels, receiving direct sunlight for most of the day.

The family run company was established more than 25 years ago and now employs more than 40 people.

Mr Crump added: “The advent of new highly efficient solar photo voltaic panels which use energy from the sun to generate electricity are the next phase in super-efficient homes. These panels don’t need sunlight to produce electricity; they work off daylight, even in the depths of winter.”