Maria’s training skills in demand from US giants

Maria Clews
Maria Clews

SOUTH Yorkshire training expert Maria Clews has taken her industry knowledge to the heart of America.

She was called in to create a tailored training programme for engineers and operations managers working on the redevelopment of New York’s Ground Zero.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Maria, of Sheffield’s Ask Training Services, provides regular consultancy sessions for Doka, one of the leading contributors to the redevelopment of the World Trade Centre Tower 4 at site of the terror attack that shook the world in 2001.

And she went to New York, Chicago, Washington and Canada to provide a bespoke Management Training Boot Camp.

“Maria’s Boot Camp was intense, well-prepared and presented and liked by every participant,” said Doka chief engineer Bob Kent.

“The intent was to provide management skills sets that were common and important to our managers while focusing on team building exercises with real life situation role plays, enabling them to better lead their teams in a more united business decision making process rather than allowing emotional persuasion from other staff members to influence their decisions.

“Because of the project’s high profile, it was essential for our team of engineers to coordinate, plan and support all work activities along with our operations to ensure the success of this project and Maria’s work created a great sense of team building which was evident throughout the training.”

Sheffield-based Maria said she was delighted to have been asked to provide a training package for so high profile a project.

“What I always provide is a complete bespoke service, which means the work we do fits exactly with the company’s business model,” she explained.

“Doka Formwork are a great company to work with. I am very proud to be training provider for both Doka UK and Doka USA.

“Their commitment to excellence means they are committed to investing both time and money in training their teams to ensure they are competent to deliver on world class construction projects which include the Hoover Dam project, Burj Dubai and The Bahamas Atlantis. It is a real honour to be their training provider.”