McKenna is the man to help you get MADE

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He’s sold seven million books in 32 languages on everything from quitting smoking, becoming thin, gaining confidence and even mending a broken heart – and now it’s the turn of business.

Self-help superstar Paul Mckenna will be jetting in to open MADE The Entrepreneur Festival in Sheffield on Wednesday September 24, with a keynote speech based on his in-depth study of business leaders, including Richard Branson and retail billionaire Sir Philip Green.

The hypnotherapist, who swapped London for Los Angeles where he’s worked with everyone from rock stars to Hollywood movie legends to business tycoons, believes that achieving your dreams is all about thinking and acting in the right way – and he has devised a strategy to do just that.

The author of popular self-help titles including I Can Make You Confident and the best-selling self-help book in UK history, I Can Make You Thin, says he’ll be offering more than just a few tips to entrepreneurs.

He said: “I have the strategy of the super achievers.

“Success and happiness aren’t things that just randomly happen to some people. They are created through ways of thinking and acting.”