MP in food firm closure talks

SHEFFIELD South East MP Clive Betts is meeting representatives of Dutch company Vion after the company announced that it had started consultations on closing its local sausage business with the loss of 205 jobs.

Food production at the J&J Tranfield plant in Orgreave Close, Handsworth, is due to be transferred to Broxburn in West Lothian.

Mr Betts said: “This is a massive blow to local jobs and local industry. It will precipitate further Sheffield job losses at Vion’s local suppliers and in the local economy.”

The MP said he is meeting Vion “to explore alternatives to their current proposals or, at the very least, ensure that every assistance is being given to employees in finding new jobs”.

Vion says competition is ‘increasingly fierce’, with both its Handsworth and Broxburn plants operating significantly below capacity.

Broxburn is able to handle all of Sheffield’s production as well as offering the potential for futher expansion in the years ahead.

The Handsworth premises produce sausages, pizzas and other meat products.