Panel Systems plays key role in pier restoration

Weston  Grand Pier opens, views and People.
Weston Grand Pier opens, views and People.

The Pier has been destroyed twice by fire and so, when it was being refurbished for a third time, the choice of panels for the building was really important.

Trespa panels from Panel Systems were chosen for their fire retardant properties, which means they will not melt, drip or explode and will therefore enhance the safety of the building.

They also offer the ability to withstand the harsh weather conditions and the effects of salt and spray from the sea. The panels were fitted into the aluminum window frames and formed the exterior walls to the pavilion. The panels produced also offer UV resistance and colour stability and are guaranteed not to change significantly for at least ten years, even under the most severe climatic conditions, making them well suited to the exposed pier.

Danny Phelan, Sales Manager at Panel Systems, said: “It was very rewarding to supply such a prestigious project as the transformation of the Grand Pier and it was important that the panels we produced met the very stringent criteria required. It is unlikely you could find a project that requires a more robust type of product and we worked closely with the contractor to supply a panel that achieved the demanding requirements.”

Weston Supermare Grand Pier was officially reopened in October 2010 and is home to Britain’s smallest rollercoaster, although the pier itself can hold almost 7,000 people at any one time. The pavillion features a modern glass frontage, providing an attractive and welcoming building on one of the Weston Supermare’s most popular attractions.