Plan to turn old pub into home

ONE of Sheffield’s historic pubs could be converted into a family home.

Plans have been submitted to the council to turn the former Old Heavygate Inn in Matlock Road, Walkley, into a house.

The private applicant is being told by the authority that there is no objection in principle but he must show that a pub is no longer viable and there are other pubs in the area to meet a community need.

He has replied that there are 16 pubs within half a mile and has produced comments from nearby residents in support of the scheme.

The pub is reputed to have been built at the end of the 17th century, when Walkley was connected to the village of Owlerton by a packhorse track, which became a turnpike road with a toll gate across the road.

However, the name is thought to be derived from heavy, meaning muddy or hard going, and gate, meaning road.

lThe Campaign for Real Ale this week called for urgent Government action to save Britain’s historic pub culture in light of research showing that 16 pubs across the country are closing every week, with half in the suburbs.