Planners say room for another cafe on Ecclesall Road

Another place to eat and drink may be opening on Ecclesall Road, despite residents’ concerns that it could further dilute the area as a retail centre.

Planners say converting a former beauty salon, The Relaxation Den, at the corner of Bruce Road into a cafe or restaurant “would not adversely affect the vitality and viability of the shopping centre as a whole”.

Some 67% of units are still used for retail, compared with a requirement of at least 50%, they say.

Councillors will be advised on Tuesday to approve the application for an unspecified unit that can open until 11.30pm, except 11pm on Sundays. Officers say there should be no problem with noise or smells.

Concerns about the impact on the character of the road are being raised by the Botanical Gate Community Association, the Endcliffe Corner Community Association and local councillor Brian Webster, who supports the view that the proposal would “undermine the retail dominance of the shopping centre”.