Proud to say we pay taxes

‘DEATH and taxes’ used to be the only things guaranteed in life, but the activities of Amazon and Starbucks have shaken that belief - and prompted one Sheffield retailer to make clear what used to taken as read. has devised a new logo stating: ‘We Pay Our Tax’, and it takes pride of place on its website.

It was developed by marketing and operations manager, Brian Trevaskiss, in response to frustration at the big firms’ alleged tax avoidance. And he is happy for all tax paying businesses to use it themselves.

He said: “Part of running your own business here in the UK is paying your corporation tax and collecting VAT, the problem facing More Computers is one that many UK firms come up against.

“You’re constantly competing with the massive international corporations who seem to be able to avoid paying their corporation tax. While simultaneously competing with hundreds of small ‘companies’, if you can call them that, who are collecting VAT but never forward it on to the VAT man.

“It’s a double-edged sword that causes us a lot of pain. Our larger competitors have a 23 per cent advantage - money they can invest back into their business or use to buy advertising. Then there are the smaller competitors who have a 20 per cent VAT advantage - because they have no intention of passing on VAT.”

MoreComputers corporation tax payments are in its full accounts and the company structure is simple, with two companies registered in Sheffield, he added.

“If the tax due on the ‘real’ profit made by big international corporations was paid at the same level smaller businesses like ours pay, there would be billions more going into the system.”

“Even more money could be added by making it difficult for rogue traders to avoid handing over VAT and stopping them folding one company to open a new one the next day without any debt.”