Revamp plan for Head Post Office

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News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

“The whole idea is to get more vibrancy at that end of the building to draw people in,” said Mr Burlaga, who is working on the project with his colleague, Ben Otter.

A previous scheme - by a separate developer - envisaged a hotel on the corner, while plans for the former post office that have fallen by the wayside have been based around a mix of uses including offices, shops and a hotel.

Already Langland Developments are in legal discussions with a potential end user for the project, said Mr Burlaga.

City planners will prepare a report for councillors on all the implications.

One of the conditions could be a contribution towards the sprucing up of Fitzalan Square, which has a statue of Edward VII in the middle.

The square was given a facelift by the council ten years ago, but remains something of a city centre backwater.

“Everybody is keen to revive Fitzalan Square,” said Mr Burlaga. “The main thing is to stop it being used as a bus roundabout and deliver it more as a small civic space.”

The post office, built in 1910, closed 14 years ago when new premises opened in the Co-op store in Angel Street.