Sculptor’s Sheffield grave is restored to its former glory

The restoration of the Norton grave of sculptor and artist Sir Francis Chantrey will be celebrated on Saturday.

His fame and distinction meant that he could have been buried in Westminster Abbey in 1841, but he had always expressed a wish to be returned to St James’ churchyard in his native parish, to be with his parents.

The grave is grade II listed, but its decorative ironwork and supporting stone plinth had become decayed and damaged.

Now it has been restored to its former glory thanks to local craftsmen, including blacksmith, Andrew Renwick, of Ridgeway Forge, and stone mason Richard Scothern.

Church architect Andrew Shepherd took samples of old paint from the ironwork for analysis so that the original colour could be determined, and it turned out to be a light blue.

At Saturday’s ceremony, at 2pm, will be Lord Mayor Vickie Priestley, local MP Meg Munn and Dr Charles Saumarez Smith, of the Royal Academy, which helped to pay for the restoration.