Sheffield’s Eagle Works to become arts space

The CADS team.
The CADS team.

A charity is breathing new life into the offices of a former Sheffield foundry by transforming it into a large studio complex which it hopes will become a buzzing art hub.

Creative Arts Development Space has been transforming derelict buildings in Sheffield to provide space for musicians, artists and creative businesses.

Now it has taken over Eagle Works, a 15,000 square foot office block, used by the Castmaster Roll Company - formerly Davy Roll Company - in Attercliffe, where it is set to provide more than 30 studios and workshops.

Kiran Antcliffe, CADS studios and space manager, said: “This is the first fully long-term lease building we have taken on and we are excited to be able to offer support to projects but also the stability of long-term use for studio holders. “This site is fully flexible to provide space for every creative endeavour and enterprise.

“Often because of the short-term leases and situations the buildings are in, users sometimes move to other spaces.

“Here the community will be able to grow and CADS will be developing its charitable objectives to fully-support this long-term growth.“

Until now CADS have largely held short-term leases of one or two years on its buildings, and although these tenancies have constantly been renewed, some studio users seek a more permanent home and decide to move out after short periods of time.

CADS have taken a 15-year lease on Eagle Works, and it is hoped that the longer tenancy on the three-storey building, will encourage users to establish themselves there and create even more vibrant communities than are seen at its other sites.

Often short-term lease buildings only have the facilities or office space for low-impact creative work such as painting and small-scale sculpturing. But due to the industrial history of building, users of the studios, will have the facilities for more intensive activity such as welding and pottery. The studios range from 75 to 700 sq ft.