Simples! New web deal for Sheffield company WANdisco

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A Sheffield software firm ​has been signed up by the ​UK’s leading price-comparison website, Compare The Market.

Bosses at the firm, best known for its ‘Compare the Meerkat’ advertising pun, said a new product from city centre firm WANdisco, called WANdisco Fusion, will play a crucial role in implementing its Big Data strategy globally, providing the firm with a much deeper insight into customer behaviour​.​

The term Big Data refers to data that is so large and complex it cannot be processed using traditional desktop computers. It is used by internet giants such as Yahoo, Netflix, Amazon and eBay to keep their operations going.

David Richards, chief executive officer of WANdisco, ​said: “We’re delighted to be playing such an important role in Compare The Market’s Big Data strategy. But this deal also reflects the industry-wide need to better address the market’s data challenges.”