SIV aims to earn a share of £36bn events market

Nicola Doherty, marketing assistant, Kerrie Hudson, sales manager, Dominic Stokes, general manager, Lindsay Boldock, sales consultant, Cat Kirwan, sales consultant
Nicola Doherty, marketing assistant, Kerrie Hudson, sales manager, Dominic Stokes, general manager, Lindsay Boldock, sales consultant, Cat Kirwan, sales consultant

SIV Events is ready to claim a share of Britain’s event sector, which is worth £36bn.

A Britain for Events report revealed the multi-billion pound industry in Great Britain and SIV is hoping this can be translated into pounds for Sheffield.

SIV Events began operating in September and has been set up to maximise opportunities for SIV venues especially within non-sporting events (entertainment and business), which in the current economic climate are important to boost SIV’s already high profile sports events calendar.

Dominic Stokes, General Manager of SIV Events, said: “In the current economic climate we must concentrate on providing an exceptional range of products and services for current and future markets.

“Whilst having two decades of delivering world class events, this department mean we are a one-stop shop to cater for any live event request. The team possesses every bit of knowledge and all skill sets that you would ever need in such a function. This will now allow us to build upon and maximise the heritage, expertise and experience that we have acquired over the past 20 years and mean we can deliver total confidence to any event organiser no matter what.

“Already our growing number of industry contacts and networks is enabling us to procure an entertainment event programme, attracting key business to Sheffield and maximising every opportunity to showcase the city and its venues as a top destination

“I have set some extremely ambitious targets in the short, medium, and long term and the overall goal is to ensure SIV Events dominates the live events market for the next 10 years

SIV has an exciting 2011 coming up with major events including the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in March, Shine International, a major international environmental conference, in September and the BBC Songs of Praise School Choirs competition that will be broadcast over three weeks. This is not forgetting playing host to the largest major sporting events calendars in the past 20 years

Meanwhile, SIV has formed a new business partnership with one of the UK’s largest taxi companies.

City Taxis, which operates a fleet of 800 vehicles, has teamed up with SIV to become the company’s official taxi service in a three-year, five-figure agreement.

SIV boasts one of the biggest concentrations of diverse international and community sports venues in Europe. Its portfolio of facilities, including Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Motorpoint Arena and Sheffield City Hall, hosts more than 2,000 events and attracts four million customers every year.

As part of the deal, City Taxis will become a preferred partner for SIV, working with the company on a number of charity initiatives and advertising across its 14 properties.

Paul Green, group sales and marketing manager for SIV, said: “This is a significant deal for both SIV and City Taxis.

“It is vital to have a network of strong and professional partners on board and we are delighted to team up with City Taxis. They are a reliable and innovative local company with an approach that matches our own dynamic, forward-thinking ethos and the partnership demonstrates SIV’s key role in maximising economic impact for Sheffield.”

Arnie Singh, director of City Taxis, said: “SIV is nationally renowned for attracting thousands of people to its world-class venues every year. Many of these visitors are from outside of the city and require transport to and from major sports events so we are delighted to become the company’s official taxi service.

“It is an exciting time for both companies. This new partnership will create many new opportunities and we look forward to working with SIV and developing a successful partnership.”