Staff car park around corner at Meadowhall

Staff at Meadowhall could soon get their own car park.

Land currently used occasionally for overspill parking by customers and for coach parking – at the corner near the Tinsley viaduct, Supertram line and River Don – has been earmarked.

The scheme, which would also create permanent spaces for coach and contractor parking, is in line for council approval next Tuesday, although officers say the landscaping could be improved.

Meadowhall managers are aiming for a more efficient parking system, especially in the light of growing traffic volumes and the loss of an overspill car park to make way for a big Next store.

A permanent staff car park with 1,143 spaces would free up spaces in the main customer car parks and make better use of land that is only used for parking during peak periods, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

At the same time, the council is being told that Meadowhall has a travel plan that aims to reduce the number of employees who use a car to get to work from 52% to 42% and to increase those who use public transport from 43% to 60%.

The new car park would have fewer parking spaces and be covered by automatic number plate recognition to ensure only authorised staff use it, with the threat of fines and clamping for persistent offenders.