Tackle traffic hotspots, say business leaders

University Square
University Square

More needs to be done to improve traffic flows in Sheffield, say business leaders.

A national survey indicating that congestion is getting worse should be a spur for co-ordinated action to tackle hotspots such as “Netherthorpe, Brook Hill, West Bar, Bramall Lane and, of course, the Parkway”.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce’s Transport Forum points to evidence from sat nav company TomTom that Sheffield is the eighth most congested city in the UK, with jams getting worse.

Tim Hale, who chairs the forum and local firm Champion Hire, said the report, also underlining the health consequences of poor air quality, should be a “motivator” to resolve congestion hotspots.

“Additionally, the self-imposed narrowing of roads to accommodate the new style of build-out bus stops won’t help matters. The council needs to remember that roads are principally for keeping traffic moving, not for slowing it to a standstill.

“While accepting of the limited finances available, the Chamber is still concerned not enough is being done to improve traffic flows, and urges the council, Highways Agency and the Local Enterprise Partnership to work more closely to get schemes in place to improve the situation.”

The council says traffic congestion is getting worse because of the big roads repair programme, and Sheffield should return to having one of the lowest levels of any big city once work is completed in three or four years.

Brook Hill roundabout is under scrutiny as part of plans for the university campus.