The 83 bus ride to a shorter life

News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

A 65 MINUTE journey across Sheffield on the number 83 is used to highlight the stark differences between rich and poor neighbourhoods - and a gap of almost ten years in life expectancy.

“The journey starts at Millhouses, in Ecclesall ward where female life expectancy is 86 years,” says the Fairness Commission report. “By the time the bus has travelled down Ecclesall Road and into the city centre, female life expectancy has dropped to 82 years, and by the time it makes its way into Burngreave ward, just 40 minutes from the start of the journey, female life expectancy is only 77 years.

“This means that a baby girl born and who lives in one part of the city can expect to live, on average, almost ten years longer than a similar baby girl born and living about four miles away, by virtue of nothing more than the socio-economic circumstances and the area she was born into.”

The Commission is urging the people of Sheffield to help tackle entrenched inequalities and to make the city the fairest in the country.

Chair Prof Alan Walker said: “Sheffield has been a divided city for too long.

“This means that too many lives have been lost prematurely and too many people have suffered needless hardship.

“Here is a once in a generation opportunity to reverse that and improve the lives of everyone in this great city.”

The report follows a year-long effort by 23 commissioners, including representatives of all three parties on the council, the universities, health agencies, the Chamber of Commerce, faith and voluntary groups and unions.