Theft drives dealer out of car business

Glyn Hancock at his car lot in Heeley that is now to close.
Glyn Hancock at his car lot in Heeley that is now to close.

A SHEFFIELD car trader says he’s shutting up shop after 16 years after burglars struck so many times in the last three years that he has lost count.

Glyn Hancock, who owns Hancock Cars, can no longer face the prospect of turning up for work in Prospect Road, Heeley, to find his business has been raided.

He has 12 sheets of paper on his office wall from South Yorkshire Police, each carrying a different crime incident number. But he says there have been dozens more burglaries that he hasn’t even bothered to report. In the latest raid, thieves cut through his boundary fence, then cut the batteries out of every car.

Glyn, aged 49, of Wadsley Bridge, said: “It seems every time I open up these days I’ve been raided. It’s like a continuous nightmare. Last time I was done all the tyres were gone. The time before that all my cars had their exhaust pipes and catalytic converters sawn off.

“I’ve had windows taken, alloy wheels, wing mirrors, headlights, you name it. It’s like my business is being used by someone else to supply spare parts.”

He added: “Enough is enough. I can’t get insurance and everything I make selling cars is being used to replace or repair the stuff some thieving toe rag is taking.

“But not any more, that’s it, I’ve done.”