Top city climber loses £30,000 stock in raid

Ben Moon Who has had �30,000, of Equipment Stolen
Ben Moon Who has had �30,000, of Equipment Stolen

A LEADING Sheffield rock climber and businessman has lost £30,000 worth of clothing and accessories in a break-in at a warehouse in the city.

Burglars broke into the factory on the corner of Cross Smithfield and Allen Street, where the items were being stored by Ben Moon for shipping abroad.

Ben, aged 46, who runs climbing clothing firm Moon Climbing, was a world famous professional rock climber in his heyday during the 1980s. He set up the business in 2003 after retiring from professional climbing and sells clothes and accessories all over the world.

He said the burglary was caught on CCTV, but he was furious because the police haven’t been out to see him yet.

“It’s an absolute joke. Burglary is supposed to be a priority for South Yorkshire Police and yet five days on and they haven’t been to see me.

“They have taken 3,500 units which is about £30,000 worth of stock at cost price. It’s all Moon-branded clothing and it’s very unique looking.

“It looks like a pretty organised affair. I’m just wondering how they are going to shift it.”

Ben, who lives in Woodseats, added: “I’m really disappointed with the police response. I was led to believe someone was going to come and see me and no one has bothered.

“I want a proper investigation. I’ve had £30,000 of stock stolen.”

Ben said CCTV footage showed three burglars breaking in at 2pm on Saturday, March 23, returning at 6pm with a white transit van which they filled before they were disturbed by a neighbour, who rang the police.

“This is a massive blow to us since it’s not just our spring collection that’s gone but a lot of hard work with it which makes us both sad and angry.

“We hope by making this public appeal the community can help us track down the criminals and recover the stolen goods. We think this was a well organised operation.”

Ben said the clothing was all branded with his Moon logo and would be easily noticeable.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “We are aware of this incident and are investigating.”