Townsend banks on bright future for Reset Training

Businessman Ian Townsend has become a significant shareholder in Sheffield-based Reset Training and their new product, the Reset Certification Scheme (RCS).

Mr Townsend, the former chairman of Medical House, which was sold in a multi-million pound deal in 2009, believes that the Reset Training has a bright future.

Reset has created a unique electronic method of logging and checking the skills and qualifications of contract personnel. Already Leeds Bradford International Airport recognised the merits of the scheme and are an affiliate organisation, making it mandatory for their contractors to carry the RCS card.

Mr Townsend said: “I was contacted by Gary Duce, managing director of Reset, and asked whether I would like to invest in the certification scheme. Having carried out the usual due diligence, and having seen what had been achieved so far, I was only too happy to say yes.”

Mr Townsend, together with two other private investors, has put more than £200,000 into Reset and is ready to invest more as the company expands.

Mr Duce said: “Ian’s investment has meant that Reset can expand and create more new jobs as it increases its client base. We are very confident that our ground-breaking Reset Certification Scheme will prove extremely popular as it is both cost and time efficient and promotes sound health and safety practice. Now we have the means to promote the card across the UK.

“Ian brings with him a wealth of experience, business acumen and a proven track record. Although we value Ian’s financial investment, the fact he has invested his time with us and become a Director of the company will be invaluable as we go forward.”

Mr Townsend added: “I do not invest my money lightly, so Reset had to tick all the boxes. And it did. Like all the best ideas, the RCS card is very simple and fulfils a need. It saves time and money and helps ensure a safe working environment. It crucially maintains an electronic record of competency checks for seven years.

“As its popularity spreads, I foresee a time when company directors, duty holders and health and safety managers will feel they cannot do without it. It’s a fantastic way to promote good health and safety, and if the worst happens, it provides a robust and reliable defence. The company has a tremendously bright future.”

The card means that Reset’s customers, such as airports, hospitals, supermarkets and shopping centres and, indeed, any organisation, can find out instantly whether individuals have the skills and qualifications to do their job.

Until now, laborious checks have to be carried out out on paperwork provided by organisations in order to comply with health and safety law and HSE guidelines. Reset has devised a system which offers a secure and streamlined checking process which can reduce times by more than 90%.

Neil Rennison, project manager at Leeds Bradford International Airport, said it only took a few seconds to verify the qualifications and skills of anyone visiting the airport to carry out work using RCS.

He added: “The airport can have hundreds of service providers on site every week. Ensuring they are qualified and competent to do their job presented a real challenge. Processing original hard copies of certificates for each individual was time-consuming and costly. When we saw the time savings the RCS could deliver it took us very little time to decide to join the scheme”.