Veolia staff help with double clean-up

The Veolia volunteers ready to go for the afternoon litter picking session
The Veolia volunteers ready to go for the afternoon litter picking session

Staff from Veolia Environmental Services took part in a clean-up day at Penrith Road Allotment site and Wardsend Cemetery.

Joining forces with volunteers from Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside, Sheffield Homes, Green Estates, Street Force and Friends of Parkwood Springs, the clean-up collected just over three tonnes of dumped waste.

All waste collected was taken to the Energy Recovery Facility on Bernard Road, where it will be burned to create heat and hot water for over 140 buildings across the city and electricity for the National Grid.

Judith Turner, director of operations for Veolia Environmental Services, took part in the afternoon clean-up session. She said: “We are very proud to have initiated the clean-up day. We had 18 volunteers that took part over the morning and afternoon sessions and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

“It may seem like a relatively small gesture but the clean-up goes someway to making our local community better for everyone.”

Coun Harry Harpham, Sheffield City Council’s cabinet member for homes and regeneration, said: “I would like to thank the volunteers from Veolia for taking part in the clean-up day. With over 25 million visits made each year to the rich variety of urban parks, woodland and green spaces in the city, it’s great to see people giving their time and effort to improve even more places like this.”

For more information on the waste management and recycling services in Sheffield, visit or callw 0114 273 4567.