By election success for Liberal Democrat Cliff

Newly-elected Fulwood Liberal Democrat councillor Cliff Woodcraft
Newly-elected Fulwood Liberal Democrat councillor Cliff Woodcraft

Liberal Democrats have retained the Fulwood seat on Sheffield Council with an increased share of the vote.

The seat had become vacant after the death of former Lib Dem councillor Janice Sidebottom.

Church volunteer Cliff Woodcraft, standing in her place, won a majority of almost double the size of when a seat in Fulwood was last contested in the 2012 local elections.

Coun Woodcraft received 2,563 votes - a 48 per cent share - while Labour’s Olivia Blake came second with 1,035 votes, or 19.5 per cent.

Coun Woodcraft said: “I must admit I’m really excited about winning here in Fulwood.

“I’ve never been a councillor before, and I’m following on from Janice Sidebottom who did brilliant work around here. She was well

recognised as a really good councillor, and I’ve got a lot to live up to.

“I’m looking forward to joining colleagues Sue Alston and Andy Sangar, our existing councillors in Fulwood, and working for the people of Sheffield.

“It’s been a good campaign from all candidates, but at the end of the day the electorate have had their say.”

The Lib Dem’s majority was 1,528, up from 813 in the 2012 council election, when they also received 38 per cent of the vote.

Vonny Watts, for the Conservatives, who came second in Fulwood in 2012, was third with 826 votes, down from 1,331 votes in 2012.

UKIP’s John Greenfield had 501 votes and Brian Webster, for the Greens, received 379 votes.

The turnout of 37.5 per cent was only slightly lower than the 38.6 per cent recorded in 2012.

Votes are being counted today in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire County Council elections, and the Doncaster Mayoral election.

Labour took control of Derbyshire from the Tories, with a majority of 22 seats, and were left the largest party in Nottinghamshire, which was in Tory control but is now hung.