Call for action over bonfires plaguing elderly residents

Residents on a housing estate in Lodge Moor have called for action to be taken over a spate of bonfires in the area started by gardeners and builders.

Members of Westminster Tenants’ and Residents’ Association say they are concerned about the number of fires, which have been happening ‘at any time of day or night’. They are calling for a byelaw to control hours when items can be burned.

Nancy Grayson, who chairs the association, said: “There are a lot of old people around here with chest problems who have had to keep their windows closed in the hot weather to keep out fumes.

“We had one fire which seemed to be going constantly over five days - nothing could be done. I thought there were rules saying you couldn’t have a bonfire until after 6pm but apparently that is not the case.”

The TARA is campaigning for Sheffield Council to restrict when bonfires can take place.

Members have asked Hallam MP Nick Clegg for support.