Call to tackle litter by Sheffield schoolchildren

Chatsworth litter
Chatsworth litter

LITTER left by Sheffield schoolchildren has been highlighted by Star readers as a concern in the wake of council bosses launching a crackdown on the problem.

After problems in the recent heatwave when parks were left covered in beer cans, bottles and disposable barbecues, Sheffield Council pledged to begin issuing fines - a change from the previous emphasis which was on ‘educating’ offenders.

Janet Morgan, of Stradbroke, said: “One of the worst litter hotspots is Stradbroke Drive outside the shops. The main culprits are the school kids who sit on a wooden barrier or benches eating their chips or sandwiches, and when they have finished they drop wrappings and rubbish all over the grass banking.

“It is a disgrace - there are litter bins all around. If they are walking, they throw their rubbish in people’s gardens or on the road.”

But a former council worker said he believes cuts to the authority’s in-house team which used to go into schools to educate youngsters may have worsened the problem.

He said: “It’s very interesting that the council have woken up to the problem of litter - two months after closing the litter education team and its nationally-recognised Wicked Waste Project in schools.

“This team, which had seven staff but was cut down over the last three years, engaged with all secondary schools and was developing strategies on park litter and the barbecue problem.”

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