'Callous' killer laughed and made obscene gesture at victim's family as he was found guilty of manslaughter

The 'callous' killer of a beloved Sheffield dad laughed and made an obscene gesture at his victim's family, after the jury in his murder trial found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 19:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 20:05 pm
Khalid Mokadeh was jailed for 27 years, during a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court today

Khalid Mokadeh, 22, fatally stabbed Sami Al-Saroori through the heart as Mr Al-Saroori was leaving a house party in Wensley Gardens, Page Hall on the evening of September 9 last year.

Mokadeh was put on trial Mr Al-Saroori's murder, but jurors found him guilty of manslaughter, by way of loss of self control, following a four week trial at Sheffield Crown Court earlier this year.

Sami and his daughter Amelia.

Ahead of Judge Paul Watson QC jailing Mokadeh for 27 years, Mr Al-Saroori's wife, Martina, told the court how instead of showing remorse for his actions when jurors found him guilty of manslaughter, he had the audacity to laugh and make an obscene gesture at his victim's family.

She said: “To see him laughing and smiling at us when he was found not guilty was nothing short of callous.

"Not content with laughing at us, he went on to stick the middle finger up at us.

"This is not a man who is sorry for his actions, or who has any feeling or compassion for what he has done to us as a family. I do not believe he has any remorse for taking Sami’s life.”

During today's hearing, Mokadeh was also sentenced for two additional stabbings he carried out on the Wensley Estate between May and September last year, including one on Sami's brother, Mohammed.