Car vandalised with 'UTB' and 'Pigs' near Sheffield Wednesday ground ahead of the Steel City derby

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A car has been vandalised with football related graffiti near the Sheffield Wednesday ground this morning.

The silver Ford had 'UTB' and 'Pigs' sprayed onto it while parked on Herries Road.

Photographs of the car were published on Twitter with football fans reacting angrily to the vandalism.

@S_Greaves110, who took the picture this morning, tweeted: "There's banter and then there's just being scum! Smashing up and spray painting someone's car is abit much #swfc #sufc."

‏ @iantheblade tweeted: "Completely out of order. Hope police get the scum."

@5wfc0wl tweeted: "Hopefully some one saw them do it and comes forward."

The vandalised car. Picture: @S_Greaves110

The vandalised car. Picture: @S_Greaves110

@DanielLairdSWFC tweeted: "Bang out of order, banter and jokes are one thing, mindless vandalism is a completely different thing altogether."

Around 30,000 fans are expected at Hillsborough this afternoon for the first Steel City derby in five years.