Care centres must improve

TWO Sheffield centres for people suffering mental health problems have been told to improve after care industry inspectors found them to be failing patients in several areas.

The Care Quality Commission has given Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust 28 days to respond to concerns over the Michael Carlisle Centre in Osborne Road, Nether Edge, and the Longley Centre in Norwood Grange Road, Longley.

The Michael Carlisle Centre provides hospital services for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and problems with substance misuse and the Longley Centre provides in-patient care and day care for people with acute mental health problems.

Both centres were visited last month by inspectors who found the Michael Carlisle Centre failing in three areas and the Longley Centre not meeting five key standards.

Areas of concern at Nether Edge included obtaining patient consent for examination, care, treatment and support on the acute mental health wards.

Questions were raised about the robustness of patients’ risk assessments and the standard of record keeping and there is a call for a review of same-sex accommodation.

There were also issues about gaining patient consent at the Longley Centre, as well as problems with suitable and effective risk assessments.

Concerns were highlighted about some infection control measures and record keeping was raised.

Kevan Taylor, chief executive of the trust, said the report also contained many positives about the care provided across 11 centres and the “competent, knowledgable, friendly and helpful” staff who work there.

“Overall we achieved 95% compliance against the 16 essential standards of quality and safety, across each of our 11 registered locations which cover over 70 community teams and in-patient services.

“By the CQC’s definitions, there were no major concerns identified. Two outcomes were identified as moderate concerns, the remainder being minor concerns.”

Mr Taylor added: “Work has already started to ensure full compliance across all outcomes and continually improve the services we offer.”