Care plan advice on long-term complaints

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People with long-term health complaints are being advised to ensure they have up-to-date personalised care plans to keep them well over winter.

Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group has said people with conditions such as asthma and diabetes can check with their GPs if they have such a plan.

It should help with the management of diseases and allow loved ones to know what to do if medical attention is required.

Dr Zak McMurray, clinical director for NHS Sheffield CCG, said: “If you have a long-term health condition it is really important that you look after yourself, especially during the winter.

“Help yourself to stay healthy and on top of your condition by planning ahead and taking a few simple steps.

“No-one likes being ill or wants to spend time in hospital so we all need to take responsibility for looking after ourselves as best we can.”

Dr Zak McMurray added: “We also need to remember A&E and dialling 999 are emergency services that should only be used in the event of a serious injury, or when someone shows the symptoms of critical illness. The right NHS services are everywhere – we just need to stop, think and choose well.”