Cash point scam is linked to New York’s 7th Ave

Scam: The cash machine. Photo: Robin Byles.
Scam: The cash machine. Photo: Robin Byles.

a CASH machine scam in Sheffield is being linked to the USA, after a woman who used a cashpoint in Crosspool had hundreds of pounds stolen from her account in a withdrawal on 7th Avenue in New York.

Louise Robinson, aged 39, discovered the fraud while trying to buy flowers in a Crosspool shop just after payday – only to be told her card had been rejected.

She called her bank immediately and was told her account had been accessed from the Big Apple.

The Star reported on December 15 that users of a cash machine on Sandygate Lane, Crosspool, were having their bank details hacked.

A number of accounts were accessed after their owners unwittingly used the cashpoint.

The machine was fitted with a green security device, and it appeared the problem had been solved, but a number of new cases have since been reported.

Louise, who works as a nurse in Middlewood, said: “It was just after payday and I was buying flowers in Crosspool.

“I put my card in the chip and PIN machine at the shop and was told it had been rejected. I couldn’t believe it because I had just been paid.”

Yorkshire Bank told her somebody in New York had withdrawn £259. Shortly afterwards there had been an attempt to take another £700 but the bank managed to stop the transactions.

Louise, who lives in Crosspool, said the cash machine in question, outside the Spar shop, was the only fee-free machine in the neighbourhood.

She added: “It’s a bit annoying really because the one in the pub charges and it costs 75p to get cashback at the shop.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman confirmed: “Reports were received after account holders were contacted by their banks informing them there had been fraudulent transactions on their accounts.

“A number of inquiries were conducted but the offence remains undetected.

“Police would advise members of the public if they notice anything unusual about any cash machine, or have any concerns that the machine they are about to use could have been tampered with, to report it to police straightaway.”