Casual Chinese dining more than deliversÂ

Tucked away on Westfield Terrace, Noodle Inn Centro is a city centre gem well worth visiting.  The restaurant opened in 2012 to accommodate the rising intake of Chinese students in the city, and since then has become a firm favourite among many in Sheffield.Â

Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 10:18 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 10:23 am

As my dining partner and I entered the Chinese eatery on a surprisingly busy Wednesday evening, we were quickly escorted to a table by one of the friendly waiting staff.  Surrounded by families dining out, colleagues out for a work meal and couples catching a quick bite, the atmosphere at Noodle Inn Centro was pretty laid-back. 

Diners can enjoy an a la carte menu, a dim sum menu as well as a big plate and bowl menu. 

The restaurant also offers a vegetarian menu, but you have to request it specially. 

To start, my dining companion and I ordered the vegetarian mixed platter, which comes in at £6 and requires a minimum of two people to order it. 

The generously-portioned platter came with vegetable tempura, a delicious - if slightly unhealthy - combination of cauliflower and batter; Seaweed; a portion of vegetarian spring rolls, which tasted nice and fresh; and salt and chilli tofu that was cooked to perfection. 

We both happily devoured the delectable selection of vegetarian treats that arrived promptly. 

I opted for a vegetarian hot pot for my main that came with a huge portion of tofu and sweet potato noodles in satay sauce, costing £8. 

The dish was very tasty, and I couldn't get enough of the mouth-watering satay sauce it came with. 

My dining companion chose his main of seafood fried rice from the big plate menu. 

The dish came with squid, fishballs, mussels and prawns, as well as mushrooms, pak choi, carrots, babycorn in sauce, with a huge helping of fried rice.  My dining companion said the food was nice, and was exactly what you want from a Chinese restaurant. 

His dish cost £8.30.  By the time we'd eaten our sizable starters and mains (I took most of my hot pot home in a doggy bag the accommodating staff were more than happy to help me with) we had absolutely no room for a desert. 

When adding in two Tsing Tao beers, the entire meal came in at a reasonable £36.50. 

 Noodle Inn Centro offers traditional  Chinese food done well with great value and service. Highly recommended.