Cat lovers wanted to take care of abandoned kitten

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Cat lovers are wanted to come forward to take care of a kitten abandoned by his mum in Sheffield at just a few hours old.

Duncan was rejected by his mother, who was so young her owners never suspected she could be pregnant with a litter.

The newborn was taken to Sheffield Cats Shelter and has since been cared for by staff member Emma Lavill.

His plight has sparked a renewed call from the shelter, on Travis Place, Broomhall, for more people to adopt and foster the many cats that pass into their care.

Emma said: “It takes as much commitment as raising a baby. Duncan needs feeding every two hours on a special diet that replaces his mum’s milk.

“This is a classic problem. If cats are not neutered, they have kittens as soon as they are old enough to conceive.

“They can’t cope and charities such as ours are left to deal with the problem. “

Duncan will be ready to go to a new home in March.

Christine Goddard, a shelter trustee, said: “He is a cute kitten, but there are many cats at the shelter looking for a permanent home.

“As well as needing adopters, the shelter also wants people to provide a temporary foster home for cats needing care.”

n For details, call 0114 272 4441 between 1.30pm and 3.30pm any day.